Bliss Balls

Bliss BallsIf like me you crave a post workout snack, but want to avoid undoing all the good, then Bliss Balls are your friend.

Making and talking about Bliss Balls is by no means revolutionary, in-fact they’ve been around since the 70’s when the raw-food trend began, however I thought I’d share my tips having tried and tested many different recipes to try and find my own magic of energy boosting goodness.

I find a base of oats helps fill me up for longer, however overdoing it with too many can lead to something more suited to filling in holes in walls, as opposed to satisfying a food craving. To balance the oats I also add desiccated coconut, subtle in flavour it’s great for adding bulk and absorbing moisture. Dates give excellent flavour and sweetness and while Medjool are the queen of dates, with an incredible caramelly flavour, they’re not always readily available at your local store and are pretty pricey too, normal pitted dates do just as well. I then add almonds, packed with nutrients essential for bone strength; they balance the sweetness of the dates and add texture. With a pinch of salt and splash of water to bind, once rolled into balls and stored in the fridge, these are a great on-the-go handy snack.

Makes approx 10

50g Jumbo rolled oats (preferably gluten-free)

30g Almonds (shell on)

40g Pitted dates (Medjool dates if you can get them)

30g Desiccated coconut

3-4tbsp Cold water

Pinch of salt

Blitz the oats to a fine flour consistency, then continue to blitz as you stagger adding the remaining ingredients.

Blend everything together to ensure all chunks of dates and nuts are reduced to a smaller grainy texture, and then slowly add the water to bring the mixture together till it forms a doughy consistency.

Roll tablespoons of the mixture into balls (and if you’ve got some desiccated coconut left-over, roll the balls in this for an effective coating) then leave to chill in the fridge.

These will keep in the fridge for a few weeks and are perfectly ok to freeze too.

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