The modern world

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It’s taken three days, eight phone calls, several live chat conversations, (one admittedly over a glass of Pinot Noir…ok, two glasses), three call-backs, one scheduled call from India, seven new passwords and an index finger injury. But, finally, Cook Eat Review has email!

So, this post has very little to do with food… It’s to let you know, you can now email me at I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch!

My quest to join the modern world began on Tuesday – with Angelos, my first saviour, at Apple. It’s no coincidence that his name in Greek translates as angel. Angelos and I enjoyed a 2hr 13minute conversation as he guided me through a restoring-backing up-resetting-and-then-restoring-again-process. We were exhausted by the end, but he did manage to restore peace and harmony with my Mac.

After an intro from Caesar (from Greek angels to Roman emperors), I was introduced to my second saviour, Richard. After a brief recap of my symptoms, and some live chat pleasantries, Richard wrote me an impressive explanatory guide detailing what to do in order to set up the email account. After diligently following the first step however, my screen was not matching that of step 2 in his guide.

Richard passed me on to Chad, whose immediate approach was ‘heck, let’s try going straight to the finish line’. I liked his style. A maverick. A risk-taker. I was sure he was my email-fixing Messiah. The second glass of Pinot Noir was poured in optimistic celebration.

After precisely 38 minutes of online chat with Chad it was clear we weren’t getting anywhere, despite his over enthusiastic attempts at ‘solving the crime’ (his words, not mine). It felt like it was I who had committed the crime. The sediment of Pinot Noir was weighing heavily in my glass, matching the dregs of hope I now held in my heart.

And then – a sudden breakthrough. A new link to try. A light at the end of the soul-destroying tunnel of internet migraine-inducing confusion. One cleared cache and one click later, there it was – my own Cook Eat Review inbox. Shiny, new… and empty.

By the time we were done, well wishes exchanged and my live chat had ended, it was 9.36pm. I’d forgotten to defrost the salmon to make my quick and tasty Thai salmon supper (keep an eye out for that one, it’s a winner), and I was hungry. There was only one thing for it – Avocado on sourdough, complete with harissa paste and goats cheese. If it’s good enough for Nigella, it’s good enough for me.

So that explains the 3 days, 8 phone calls, several live chat conversations, 3 call-backs, 1 scheduled call from India and 7 new passwords. As for the index finger injury… well, the Pinot Noir might’ve had something to do with that, while slicing the avocado.

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