Seasonal Sardinia

I’m currently lying in the Sardinian sun, on an incredible beach in the North West of this beautiful island, but there’s something occupying my thoughts.

It’s not the gentle sound of the waves, the soft melodic taps of bat and ball games, nor the lyrical chatter of Italian children playing in the sand.

It’s the prospect of my lunch. A salad of mozzarella, juicy ripe tomatoes and figs picked from our very own fig tree in the garden this morning.

In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve eaten some of the juiciest, ripest, tastiest food I’ve ever had. Organic and locally grown, every single ingredient in season and tasting exactly as it should. And the cheese…the cheese is incredible. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time sampling slices of smoked ricotta, plaited mozzarella, garlic infused creamy curd and pecorino, from Alberti’s deli in Stintino.

As I start to consider what flavours I can bring home, to conjure up in some recipes from my kitchen, I’m reminded of the simplicity of the Sardinian dishes, and doing very little to complicate the purity of flavours.

In my mind, there’s very little more satisfying than picking ingredients directly and eating them there and then.

And so, for a very simple lunch, I give you my Sardinian salad. Roughly chopped locally sourced juicy ripe tomatoes (home grown preferably) combined with fresh figs, and the freshest bufala mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil.

Despite feeling very sad to be leaving Sardinia so soon, I am very much looking forward to seeing my bounty of sun-ripened tomatoes from the plants on my balcony back home, and recreating a taste of this special little island.

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