Seasonal Sardinia

I’m currently lying in the Sardinian sun, on an incredible beach in the North West of this beautiful island, but there’s something occupying my thoughts. It’s not the gentle sound of the waves, the soft melodic taps of bat and ball games, nor the lyrical chatter of Italian children playing in the sand. It’s the prospect of my lunch. A salad of mozzarella, juicy ripe … Continue reading Seasonal Sardinia

Ribbons & gems

There’s no way you could possibly not want to dive into this plate of prettiness. I mean seriously, look at those purple and orange carrot ribbons of vibrant colour, gems of pomegranate juiciness, soft fluffy white clouds of goats cheese, and fresh crisp green peppery watercress. Tell me you’re not salivating. And I haven’t even mentioned the apple cider, maple and Dijon dressing drizzled over the top. I’d probably insert … Continue reading Ribbons & gems

Cornbread & Black bean salad

I’ve just returned from Mexico. Having first crossed the border into Tijuana in January 2001 and feeling sure the tourist hassling markets, donkeys painted to look like zebras and souvenir bottles of worm pickled tequila was all Mexico had to offer, I’m ashamed to admit my expectations were low. Curious but low nonetheless. I was very wrong. In fact I’m certain Mexico has stolen my … Continue reading Cornbread & Black bean salad

Roasted beetroot salad

I’m not ready for Autumn, let alone Winter. The shops are full of Mariah Carey and Band Aid already and I’m certain we’re still in the ‘pinch punch’ first few days of November. Not quite ready hibernate into my winter boots and coat just yet, I’m holding on to my light salad lunches for as long as I can, and this particular one, borrowed and adapted … Continue reading Roasted beetroot salad