Whipped feta dip

I had one of the tastiest brunches last weekend, made all the more delicious by an incredible eye-opening dip. I know, who thought a dip could be classed as so? Trust me on this. This plate was full of all things I love, looked incredible and tasted utterly divine. The ingredients were simple; feta cheese, peaches and dukkah. I’m new to this last ingredient, and … Continue reading Whipped feta dip

Vegan chocolate mousse

I had some friends over for supper last week. A chocoholic, a vegan and a coeliac. It sounds like a foodie version of one of those Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman jokes. My usual dessert of choice after a healthy main, would be an indulgent lemon posset with an almond biscuit for dunking. However, the dairy loaded pud, complete with a biscuit was certainly not going … Continue reading Vegan chocolate mousse


When I was a student, I lived with four other girls. We bonded the first day we met, over a bottle of cheap Cava while watching Neighbours. Like most students, we developed less than nutritious eating habits, and the staple meal – which featured at least twice a week, if not four times – was pesto pasta. Returning home after a weekend visit to catch up with one of my … Continue reading Pesto…something

Ribbons & gems

There’s no way you could possibly not want to dive into this plate of prettiness. I mean seriously, look at those purple and orange carrot ribbons of vibrant colour, gems of pomegranate juiciness, soft fluffy white clouds of goats cheese, and fresh crisp green peppery watercress. Tell me you’re not salivating. And I haven’t even mentioned the apple cider, maple and Dijon dressing drizzled over the top. I’d probably insert … Continue reading Ribbons & gems

First date deal-breaker question

On a date recently, I was asked if I could make a good cauliflower cheese. Not your average first date question, though clearly an important one. I nodded suspiciously – the question sounded like a deal-breaker. I mean, the answer is ‘yes’ and my not-so-secret ingredient – Dijon mustard – is shared with most others. Was this the expected answer though? Like most, I associate … Continue reading First date deal-breaker question

Flu busting curry

‘tis the season…for a bad cold or flu. And mine’s well overdue a ticket back to where it came from. I’ve been dosing up on all manner of vitamins, soup and turmeric tea (which has stained my lovely glass teapot a rather alarming neon yellow), however curry seems to be the only thing working in my favour. I’ve definitely made a fair few curries over … Continue reading Flu busting curry

“Good Cooker” Nut roast

When I was four my mum asked me why I loved her. “Because you’re a good cooker,” was my simple response. And it’s true. She is good. Exceptionally good. The best in-fact. I’ve learnt so much from her. Some of my earliest memories are of helping her to bake fairy cakes, teetering on tip-toes on a stool in order to reach the kitchen counter top, stirring, whisking and, … Continue reading “Good Cooker” Nut roast