Nutty almond butter fudge

I recently spent a lovely weekend in Whitley Bay, Newcastle, visiting a friend. On a particularly blustery Saturday we decided to walk the length of the beach and on to Tynemouth, where my phone’s pedometer reliably informed me we’d traced an impressive 15,045 steps. We deserved a treat, surely? I was fixated on finding some fudge; the sea air has that effect on me. Sadly … Continue reading Nutty almond butter fudge

Ribbons & gems

There’s no way you could possibly not want to dive into this plate of prettiness. I mean seriously, look at those purple and orange carrot ribbons of vibrant colour, gems of pomegranate juiciness, soft fluffy white clouds of goats cheese, and fresh crisp green peppery watercress. Tell me you’re not salivating. And I haven’t even mentioned the apple cider, maple and Dijon dressing drizzled over the top. I’d probably insert … Continue reading Ribbons & gems

Good + Simple

Like many I was introduced to Hemsely & Hemsley through the curiosity of seeing colleagues opening up Tupperware lunchboxes in the office, packed with beautifully spiralised courgette, and sipping on thermoses of bone broth. Intrigued, I snapped up tickets to their Summer Supper Club, where I met the very talented Jasmine and Melissa. The menu featured a delicious four course meal, sampling some of the big … Continue reading Good + Simple

First date deal-breaker question

On a date recently, I was asked if I could make a good cauliflower cheese. Not your average first date question, though clearly an important one. I nodded suspiciously – the question sounded like a deal-breaker. I mean, the answer is ‘yes’ and my not-so-secret ingredient – Dijon mustard – is shared with most others. Was this the expected answer though? Like most, I associate … Continue reading First date deal-breaker question

Sweet treat Saturday

After a very successful day last Sunday, I’ll be back with Greetings, Comrade this Saturday 13th February at The Truman Brewery, London, with a range of delicious treats. I’m busy in the kitchen preparing a range of delicious goodies that I’ve been blogging about, including my vegan chocolate slices, Bliss Balls and coconut pops. Pop by the Backyard Market on Saturday, and pick up a sweet treat for … Continue reading Sweet treat Saturday

National (any excuse) day

What a busy week. Not only has National Breakfast Week been celebrated, we also had Chocolate Cake Day. Social media (or at least the threads I follow) has been awash with a multitude of heavily filtered pictures of porridge bowls soaked overnight in concoctions of almond milk and liberally sprinkled with goji berries. There have also been plenty of luscious, rich chocolate cakes oozing naughtiness, … Continue reading National (any excuse) day