Nutty almond butter fudge

I recently spent a lovely weekend in Whitley Bay, Newcastle, visiting a friend. On a particularly blustery Saturday we decided to walk the length of the beach and on to Tynemouth, where my phone’s pedometer reliably informed me we’d traced an impressive 15,045 steps. We deserved a treat, surely? I was fixated on finding some fudge; the sea air has that effect on me. Sadly … Continue reading Nutty almond butter fudge

National (any excuse) day

What a busy week. Not only has National Breakfast Week been celebrated, we also had Chocolate Cake Day. Social media (or at least the threads I follow) has been awash with a multitude of heavily filtered pictures of porridge bowls soaked overnight in concoctions of almond milk and liberally sprinkled with goji berries. There have also been plenty of luscious, rich chocolate cakes oozing naughtiness, … Continue reading National (any excuse) day

Hot topic of conversation

I’ve just hosted my friend’s hen do, a weekend gallivant in the Suffolk countryside incorporating the obligatory tacky hen night at an Ipswich nightclub. During the weekend I catered for the hens and hot topic over the dinner, lunch and breakfast table was of course the wedding, the groom, the dress, the flowers, but hottest topic of all were my Paradise Bars. These little delicious … Continue reading Hot topic of conversation