A taste of summer

I was incredibly fortunate to visit Raymond Blanc’s outstanding two Michelin starred Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, in Oxford recently. Not only did I get to sample some of the most exquisite flavours during the five-course taster menu over lunch, but was also taken on a tour of the breathtakingly beautiful kitchen garden. Strolling through the lavender walkway humming with bees busy at work, which led … Continue reading A taste of summer

Vegan banana loaf

One of my favourite cakes growing up was banana cake. My mum’s banana cake, to be precise. It seemed to hold magical powers to soothe stresses, and was always the request of friends after a tough day at nursery aged 4, to those teenage years when life was just “so unfair”. It worked, and the smell of it cooking kept us on tenterhooks with mouth-watering … Continue reading Vegan banana loaf

Vegan chocolate mousse

I had some friends over for supper last week. A chocoholic, a vegan and a coeliac. It sounds like a foodie version of one of those Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman jokes. My usual dessert of choice after a healthy main, would be an indulgent lemon posset with an almond biscuit for dunking. However, the dairy loaded pud, complete with a biscuit was certainly not going … Continue reading Vegan chocolate mousse

Sweet treat Saturday

After a very successful day last Sunday, I’ll be back with Greetings, Comrade this Saturday 13th February at The Truman Brewery, London, with a range of delicious treats. I’m busy in the kitchen preparing a range of delicious goodies that I’ve been blogging about, including my vegan chocolate slices, Bliss Balls and coconut pops. Pop by the Backyard Market on Saturday, and pick up a sweet treat for … Continue reading Sweet treat Saturday

National (any excuse) day

What a busy week. Not only has National Breakfast Week been celebrated, we also had Chocolate Cake Day. Social media (or at least the threads I follow) has been awash with a multitude of heavily filtered pictures of porridge bowls soaked overnight in concoctions of almond milk and liberally sprinkled with goji berries. There have also been plenty of luscious, rich chocolate cakes oozing naughtiness, … Continue reading National (any excuse) day

Flu busting curry

‘tis the season…for a bad cold or flu. And mine’s well overdue a ticket back to where it came from. I’ve been dosing up on all manner of vitamins, soup and turmeric tea (which has stained my lovely glass teapot a rather alarming neon yellow), however curry seems to be the only thing working in my favour. I’ve definitely made a fair few curries over … Continue reading Flu busting curry